Scene & Kiosk builder

our Digital Signage presentation is only as impressive as the content you build. With MediaSignage you have lot’s of options when creating your Digital Signage content. The built in Scene editor allows you to create a canvas that can integrate multiple components into a single area. So you can add things like images and videos, RSS and HTML5 pages, pretty much anything you want.

Set the width and height as well as the X and Y coordinates of every object within the Scene’s canvas. Use effects, animation, alignment and multiple selection tools to make awesome fluid content.

You can even take advantage of the Kiosk builder and add clickable navigational buttons. So the Scene Editor is where it all comes together. Once you are happy with the Scene, simply assign it to any screen division, directly on the timeline.

With MediaSignage you get powerful tools that are built directly onto the SignageStudio.

BluePony, professional custom content creation

BluePony is an award winning digital media production studio for a broad range of applications. To speak plainly, BluePony make you look great. They provide digital signage services from content creation to presentation management. Blue Pony understands that content is the most important factor for the long-term success of your digital signage network. They produce quality, attention grabbing messages for any digital signage network.

ScreenFeed, a Digital Signage content stor

Increase your viewership with daily feeds of News, Sports, Weather, Trivia, Entertainment and Infotainment. Inexpensive and fresh content all the time.

Screenfeed offers licensed feeds of content for digital signage that grabs the attention of your viewers. Screenfeed content channels are built for digital signage – segments are kept short to allow for easy fits into playlists, channels are updated frequently to keep your screens showing fresh content.

BannerSnack, create cool animation in no time

Banner Snack is an inexpensive flash banner maker that lets you create digital signage content without Flash coding. BannerSnack banner creator is an online app that’s easy to use and includes lots of cool effects and transitions. And the best part, simply export the final project as a Flash swf file and upload directly to the resources Section of the SignageStudio. Under the resources section of the imported swf file, select the swf, click the check box for “3rd party compatibility mode” and enjoy great animated content without being a Flash Guru.