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One of the most frequent requests that our users have been asking us for is to access our service via an application programing interface
(API). Also, many users have been requesting for a way to develop their own SignageStudio and SignagePlayer components by means of an open source software development kit (SDK).

We’ve listened and we’ve delivered!

The API allows developers to configure their application to remotely call our service to create and manage multiple services by using their own account. The SDK on the other hand permits for custom development of components that can be stream lined into the SignageStudio and interact with the SignagePlayer; just like the native components do. As an Enterprise user you have the ability to access the API & open source SDK.

With the API & SDK users can develop a custom application that provides a different user experience. The API will access the same backend web services as our own SignageStudio and SignagePlayer. This means that if you like to design functionality that behaves differently,  you have full control to do just that. The MediaSignage platform is built around an open source Apache software repository called Adobe® Flex™ SDK. The SDK library includes HTML5 coding capabilities through the the WebKit Open Source Project. The entire source code for the Flex SDK and compiler libraries are free and available for download.
And if this wasn’t enough, MediaSignage created a demo of a working application called MonsterSignage. With MonsterSignage you will experience first hand what can be done using the API. The MonsterSignage application allows you to create Ad packages, add / remove resource, execute live snapshots and a lot more; and the best part is that we give you the source code for free. So you have the option to use MonsterSignage as is, branded with your own information, or subclass the application and customize it. We also provide you with a sample SDK component developed in ActionScript 3, so it’s easy to subclass the component and develop your own SignageStudio and SignagePlayer component.

Application Program Interface (API)

The API uses SOAP based web services so you can develop in any programming language including HTML5, C++, C#, ASP.NEY, PHP, Pearl, TCL/TK and others. But if you are looking for the most flexible and powerful development environment to date, we recommend you use  Adobe® Flash® / Flex Builder™ and ActionScript 3. In fact our MonsterSignage application was developed in Adobe® Flash® Builder™ and so we provide a working project that you can import and get up and running in seconds.

Flash® / Flex Builder™ is a highly productive, open source framework for building expressive mobile, web, and desktop applications. It allows you to build web and mobile applications that share a common code base, reducing the time and cost of application creation and longer term maintenance. 



API Documentation

MonsterSignage tutorial

API Video tutorial

App Configuration

Download source

Get Adobe Flex

Flex dev center

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The SDK is a set of libraries that allow you to easily develop SignageStudio and SignagePlayer components.
The components are developed using the open source
Adobe® / Flex SDK™ and compiled against our provided open source library. You start with a working example and modify it to build your first component.

Once you are done developing it, simply upload it via the SignageStudio > Resources and your new component will be able to function just like any other component in the system (for example RSS, Weather etc).
Drag your custom component to the timeline and it will work as you expect it to. You also have the ability to define your own custom property dialogue so you can configure and set values for your component directly from within the SignageStudio; double click your component and your custom properties box will appear.



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