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MSX Media Player - key advantages

  • Small form factor of  2.74" x 12.52" x 10.32"
  • Plug N play. Turn key installation. setup in minutes.
  • Wireless and Wired Network access
  • Support for both HDMI w/Audio, DVI w/Audio and VGA screen outputs
  • Build in Vesa bracket mount for wall mounting
  • Total of (12) USB inputs (internal and external)
  • SPDIF High definition audio with both coaxial and optical ports
  • PCI Express 2.0 x16 (must be used in a different in chassis)
  • COM port header input
  • High Definition Intel Dolby surround sound with 8 channels® 
  • Optimized for the MediaSignage SignagePlayer
  • Available with Window Embedded OS with smallest footprint
  • Available in a range of CPUs. Supports Intel® Core™2 Extreme Processor
  • Support both landscape and portrait screen modes
  • Auto boots on power failures
  • File system corruption protection for safe boot process
  • Supports up to (3) monitors of different or same resolutions using nView multi display
  • For limited time receive $100.00 credit towards MediaSignage license fees
  • 1 year warranty. Extended warranty available

First thing’s first. We are continuously asked by our customers what’s the difference between and Well it’s simple, both companies are owned by MediaSignage, however since with MediaSignage you really don’t have to use any specific hardware, we decided to separate the software and hardware to two separate web sites.

And so, focuses on the Free Digital Signage SaaS (software as a service) solution and focuses on everything else including hardware sales (media players and media servers ), content creation, paid training and more.

So now you know. MediaSignage = SaaS and = everything else. Makes sense ?
hope we did not confuse you even more.

In this document we will cover some of the basic of the MSX Players. The MSX Media Players are small, powerful all in one Media Players that we think are the ultimate Digital Signage Players.

They are optimized ultra compact computers that will get the digital signage and kiosk job... DONE.

The MSX Media Player was specifically designed for Digital Signage and Kiosk use.
 The hardware installed in the MSX Media Player was selected to withstand long duration playback while delivering quality presentation / interaction to your captive audience. 

The MSX Media Player comes with 1 year warranty and extended warranty is available for purchase. Each MSX Media Player is tested and QA certified prior to delivery.

This document we will cover some of the technical aspects of the MSX Media Player so you can properly operate, configure and maintain it.

Windows Embedded Standard  (WES / XPe)     

Each of our Media Players is powered by Windows Embedded Standard
(AKA as XPe).  WES/XPe was designed for peripheral integration such as Digital Signage and Kiosks. The OS is stripped down of all the unnecessary overhead that is normally included with Windows OS. The OS is ultra light, fast and very reliable. Some of the advantages include:

  • Removal of all OS messages and balloons
  • Removal of the Startbar and management icons
  • Optimized for Kiosk support with removal of standard user utilities
  • Remove all unneeded services and startup tasks
  • Remove all unneeded terminate and stay resident calls
  • Smallest foot print for the Core OS, about 65MB
  • Compiled with special XPe modules for specific support of Adobe AIR
  • Fully customizable for white labeling with background & boot logos
  • Disable of the Adobe AIR auto update features

SignagePlayer Pro edition

The MSX Media Player is optimized to run the MediaSignage SignagePlayer using the underline software and hardware implementation of the MSX Player.

The SignagePlayer Pro was created using Adobe™ Integrated Runtime (AIR) development environment.  The MSX Player ships pre-installed with Adobe AIR and configured to allow the best possible performance, minimizing disk calls and enhancing memory management within the AIR environment. This was possible as the SignagePlayer Pro application was compiled specifically to fit the requirements of the custom compiled operating system. Generic APIs that allow for cross platform compatibility within the AIR platform were removed in favor of specific WES/XPe Win32 API code.

The combination of having an enhanced SignagePlayer Pro that was designed specifically to run on a custom compiled, ultra light OS, delivers superior performance and reliability.

Software updates

When you receive your Player you should verify that your SignagePlayer is running the latest software revision.

Software is released often and so you may opt to push the current release onto the new MSX Player.

To perform this update open the SignageStudio, click on "Stations" and select the SignagePlayer from the list of available stations. Once selected, click on this     icon to check for new software updates. If new software is available, it will download and install onto the selected MSX Media Player.

White Labeling

The MSX Player can be configured for white labeling. It is shipped with no labels or print on the box or the case, referencing MediaSignage.  
To modify the boot image from MediaSignage to your integrator's company name, simply replace the image located under
c:\windows\boot.bmp with your own image. The image must be 640x480 and set to 16 color bitmap.

 To modify the desktop background image, run Task Manager > Control > Display > Desktop tab and set the Background to "None".


To enable the user interface on the MSX Player press Control - Alt - Delete

The MSX Media Player ships with an ultra light WES/XPe Desktop shell.  This is by design, to achieve the most efficient OS and reduce CPU load.
 This means that the Windows desktop is literally empty. There are no icons, no taskbar and no shortcuts.  The MSX Media Player is a plug and play device.  However, if you wish to further modify any of the settings you may do so.

 The main configuration utility in the MSX Player is the Taskmgr.exe. To enable the Taskmgr.exe simply press Control - Alt - Delete. 
Once the Task Manager is loaded, select File > Run.  The Run command allows you to run any available Windows utility including Explorer.exe, Control.exe and others.

So to load the Explorer.exe do Control - Alt - Delete > File > Run > Explorer.exe which will launch the Explorer file manager. 
You can type any valid URL address in the Explorer.exe to navigate a web browser to a web page.  do Control - Alt - Delete > File > Run > Control to open the standard Windows Control Panel.

Below you will find snapshots of the Task Manager as well as a list of a several important commands you can run in order to configure the MSX Media Player.

The Explorer.exe allows access to the file system for file and disk management.  To access the web, simply type a valid URL address in the "address" field of the Explorer.exe entry box.

The Control.exe is the main panel for all management application links. The Control Panel includes the Device Manager link, Display properties, Network interface properties and more.

The Regedit.exe allows you to modify the registry which is the main operating system database. Use caution when modifying the registry as errors in the registry may prevent the OS from working properly.

Control userpasswords2
The Control userpasswords2 allows for enhanced management of user accounts including the default Administrator account.

Under the hood, sometimes smaller is better…

The MSX Player was designed for long duration playback. Each unit shipped is tested using tight quality assurance certification process. The MSX Player is available in a range of configurations from the inexpensive Intel™ Celeron all the way up to the new Intel Extreme ™. All of the MSX Players are built around the ZOTAC® nForce 630i-ITX WiFi main board.

Embrace small computing with the ZOTAC® nForce 630i-ITX WiFi. Packing support for Intel® single, dual and quad-core Socket LGA775 processors, the ZOTAC® nForce 630i-ITX WiFi is ready for all your processing demands. Paired with an NVIDIA® GeForce™ 7100 graphics core with support for DirectX 9 with Shader Model 4.0 support, the ZOTAC® nForce 630i-ITX WiFi is ready to meet your graphical demands as well.

Integrated 802.11b/g wireless enables the ZOTAC® nForce 630i-ITX WiFi to connect to wireless networks without installing additional and sometimes bulky wireless devices. The ZOTAC® nForce 630i-ITX WiFi also packs one PCI Express x1, two SATA 3.0 Gbps ports, one ATA133 port and support for up to 4GB of DDR2 memory for plenty of expansion room for your computing requirements.


Mounting the MSX Player with the built in vesa mount

The MSX Media Player can be literally mounted anywhere. The built in case vesa mount makes the MSX Media Player an ideal solution for wall mounting behind LCD and Plasma screens. The Player is only 2.75" inches in height so it can be placed next to, or on top of screen wall mounts.

The Neo-Flex™ HD Wall Mount Pivot is especially compatible as it is mounted with a gap of 3.7" from the surface of the wall. This allows the MSX Media Player enough clearance to comfortably coexist with the Neo-Flex™ HD Wall Mount.

The Neo-Flex™  is the perfect TV wall mount: This pivot offers a flexible alternative to rigid wall mounts for displays weighing up to 50 lbs (23 kg). Embedded CF technology enables effortless screen adjustment for optimal viewing comfort.

And since the MSX already comes with the built in vesa mount directly on the case, you have the option of mounting the player horizontally, vertically, below or above your mount.  The built in vesa mount can be easily removed with four Phillips screws.

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