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All other Digital Signage companies with no exception are fundamentally infrastructure companies based around clients with deep pockets; since that is where they find the big money. And it doesn’t matter if these Digital Signage companies charge $50, $25 or even $10 a month per license which is seamlessly inexpensive.  The fact is that as you start racking up these licenses you inevitably lock yourself into the provider’s infrastructure. The monthly cost may become a major obstacle during your initial growth and even more so during tough economic downturns. Digital Signage is a fancy name that describes a software application which is really no different in its core components than any other hosting service; and yet current industry pricing is simply outrages. And price is just one aspect. Digital Signage companies today offer services in technologies that are limited. They don’t offer multi OS support, use legacy HTML web technologies for backend management and user interface so complex and none intuitive that it often makes the most technical GURU think twice if it’s better to just get the job done with PowerPoint.

Along came a company that does things, well differently, to say the least.  A company that its core business model is to offer “FREE Digital Signage for everyone”. When we tell our customers that we are truly a different Digital Signage company, we actually have the facts to back it up.  MediaSignage is the first company to offer Digital Signage for FREE. This means that you go online and begin using the system right away, no need for you to pull out your credit card. Use all the screens you want for FREE and customize the solution to whatever you need it to be. You get a powerful system that was built from the ground up to cater to hundreds of thousands of screens.
A truly revolutionary software application developed using an open source framework that’s available through the Apache repository and powered by the latest technologies including HTML5, HD H.264 videos, Adobe Integrated Runtime, Adobe Flash, Mobile integration, Tablet support and lots more.

Build your presentation once and run it anywhere, on the web, across tablets, Mac, Linux, Windows and even on mobile devices; and you always get the same presentation output regardless of the platform you use. And that’s not all, with MediaSignage you can join the mediaCLOUD Enterprise edition. Pay a flat $99.00 a month and get advanced features like branding allowing you to simply copy and paste a snippet of HTML code and white label the complete solution on your own web site, with your own Logo and link backs. You also get the most powerful Advertising Engine to date with cross business Ad management, proof of play and geographic screen locator through the mediaADNET. And if that’s not enough, you can take full advantage of the multi user support, access control lists and custom CSS themes.  We also offer an inexpensive privately hosted mediaSERVER solution that you can easily migrate to from the mediaCLOUD. So if you want to own your solution, you can do that as well.

So there you have it, MediaSignage is really “Digital Signage for everyone”, and we do things... differently.



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FREE / Unlimited screens

Expensive / pay per screen

built on an open source platform (apache SDK)



run on desktop and in browser



support mobile including Android and iOS



stateless Android Player



hardware independent



white label / branding



GPU acceleration for video and stage 3D



build one run everywhere



FREE shared library of resources



FREE live content



FREE templates



support for Live TV



user collaboration and privileges



customization using open source SDK & API



migration from FREE SaaS to private server



community support by thousands of members




















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