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Signage Players

Build your presentation once you have it and run it everywhere.

The SignagePlayer is the work horse of our Digital Signage solution, it just keep going and going and ... 
It is a robust presentation player that was designed from the ground up to be efficient and secure. Built using an open source SDK, it supports the most widely used file formats including HD video, audio, animation and images.
The SignagePlayer can run pretty much anywhere, on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android as well as inside web browsers. The SignagePlayer can operate for months without a single reboot, yes it is that efficient.  
Connect it to our mediaCLOUD or to your own private mediaSERVER, it’s up to you. It is controlled by the SignageStudio using real time socket connection. If you have a firewall installed on your network, the SignagePlayer still will find a way to connect by falling back onto HTTP polling. You don’t need any static IPs or any special configuration. The SignagePlayer is pure genius.

  • runs on most operating systems and web browsers
  • embed player onto a web page or web address to share with others
  • local caching engine for off-line playback
  • live preview
  • touch screen compatible
  • file video formats include HD FLV, MP4, MOV  & H.264 encoding
  • image and animation formats include JPG, PNG, GIF, SWF
  • background music player
  • takes advantage of GPU hardware acceleration for video and Stage 3D
  • live socket connection & http polling in secure firewalled environments
  • live TV support using S-Video, composite, component and HDMI
  • built in watchdog via the SignageController
  • live snapshots, remote control, player versioning and stats
  • automatic remote software updates
  • secure content download and checksum verification
  • power saving and screen saving using a daily schedule
  • one more thing, it’s completely FREE

SignagePlayer - Desktop version

The SignagePlayer Desktop version is a standalone application that can be installed on any Windows or Mac dedicated computer. The SignagePlayer Desktop version supports off-line playback; so incase of an internet outage your viewers will not experience any interruption in the playback. A single SignagePlayer Desktop will support as many screens as the total number of video outs from a single computer.

It is a FREE application that was built using an open source framework. And because it is FREE, it means you can install it in as many computers as you want and control unlimited number of screens from the mediaCLOUD; and do it without having to pay anything at all.


SignagePlayer - Android / iPad

The SignagePlayer Mobile version was designed as a fully capable, light weight Digital Signage Player. It supports both phones and tablets including the Apple iPhone and iPad as well as Android phones and tablets. The SignagePlayer Mobile version is a 1st class application designed to operate with underpowered devices while delivering a rich experience to your viewers. The SignagePlayer Mobile also supports touch screen functionality, so you can use the Kiosk builder to create an interactive presentation and deliver it everywhere. And we are sure you guessed it, but the SignagePlayer Mobile is FREE as well.

Android iPad

SignagePlayer - Web version

The SignagePlayer Web version is a great way to share your presentation with others. Simply use the [Copy to clipboard] button directly from any campaign and paste the URL to an email. Now it’s easy to collaborate with friends and colleagues. Best of all, make a change once in the SignageStudio and it will automatically updates everywhere. The SignagePlayer Web supports all popular desktop browsers including Internet explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. And yes, you can use it for FREE.

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SignagePlayer - Embedded version

The SignagePlayer Embedded version will give you all the same great features we offer, but as an integrated part of your web site. Simply click the HTML button in any campaign and you will be presented with the entire HTML snippet that you can copy and paste to a web page. The SignagePlayer Embedded loads only the necessary modules so it ensures a quick load time to your web visitors. And do we really have to say it, well yes it is also FREE.

SignagePlayer - on Android TV

With the SignagePlayer for Android TV you will be able to use the built in Android OS to run your digital signage presentations. This means that you will not have to buy any separate hardware other than an Android TV.

Android TV is available from multiple vendors including Razer, Nvidia, Sharp and others. But for the ultimate digital signage experience we recommend that you checkout the Sony BRAVIA.

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SignagePlayer - mediaTOUCH

The SignagePlayer is optimized specifically for the mediaTOUCH 10.1" tablet.
The mediaTOUCH is a robust, dedicated device, engineered to support lock down mode thus allowing your audience to interact only with your kiosk application and prevent unauthorized access to the underline operating system. The SignagePlayer for Android is compiled with special GPU drivers, therefor delivering a superb interactive experience.

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Always up-to-date

With MediaSignage it doesn't matter where you are running your SignagePlayer, as it is always up-to-date with the latest version. This ensures that you can remotely manage all signage stations without having to physically attend to each one.

You can even add interactivity and allows users to guide their way through your menu system. Use the Kiosk builder to construct an interactive digital signage app via drag and drop tools. The SignagePlayer is common UI App that goes anywhere you need it to be.

No internet, no problem

Our unique Caching Engine allows for continuos operation of the SignagePlayer Desktop and Mobile versions. Internet connection failures and bandwidth slowdowns are all gracefully managed with the help of the Caching Engine. The SignagePlayer also supports Offline playback using our Sneaker Net USB updater.

The SignageController is a small Watchdog utility that monitors the health of your SignagePlayer. It also allows for remote reboot, power savings, memory management, remote live snapshot, integration with external applications and more. The SignageController helps you deliver reliable screens across town or on the other side of the globe. The SignageController gives you the peace of mind knowing that something is always monitoring the health of your SignagePlayer.

Active Digital Signage components

With active digital signage components your SignagePlayer is energized with dynamic live content. Instead of just running static videos and images, you can integrate Live TV, RSS, Weather, Facebook, QR, Twitter, Kiosk builder, Stocks, YouTube and dozens of other cool, live, relevant content that is sure to bring your screens to life.

You can even develop your own custom Digital Signage component using our software development kit (SDK).


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