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access your device over the web, even if its off

vPro access anywhere capabilities are available only on the mediaBOX-300

mediaBOX vPro Remote Access

Being able to remotely control your SignagePlayer is something that is built onto the mediaCLOUD. But what if something happened to the PC, or what if your network admin decided that all PCs must be installed with the latest software patch, or what if you wanted to update BIOS settings or even install an operating system remotely? With the mediaBOX vPro this is within reach. The mediaBOX vPro is a management platform built at the hardware level that allows digital signage network operators to manage their players from anywhere, even if the PC crashed or if it’s off, it’s all done through the internal module. That means the players can be managed no matter if they are on or off, and even if the operating system has failed or there is no hard drive present. Most users are familiar with VNC software that runs inside your operating system, but with the mediaBOX vPro you can remote control the device even in case of a total system failure or even without an operating system at all.

Set up is a snap

Just press CTRL-P as your mediaBOX 300 boots up, select a new password and you can access the entire suit of tools from the vPro downloaded manageability utility, it’s that simple.

live examples, see it in action

Checkout live examples of Digital Signage presentations. The SignPlayer can run everywhere, on Android, Windows, Mac, iPad and even inside your web browser

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