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emergency / alerting • qr code • clock • weather • hd images • live feeds • events

Capture Traffic

The highest trafficked areas often result in the best locations for installing dynamic signage. You’ll receive your greatest results from showcasing announcements, news and weather in commons areas and hallways where students gather, walk and linger. Relay your messages to students timely and immediately where they are.

Dorms & Frat Houses

There is likely no other place on campus that has more activity than dorms, and this is where much info is shared verbally between students. What is being displayed on the big screen will catch a passers’ attention, and they will then share that with their roommates and other residents that live there on campus. Also, keep in mind that your new signage is also easily integrated with social media.

Emergency Alerts

Serious situations call for serious technology. That’s why our software comes equipped with the ability to deliver dynamic Emergency Alerts. The Emergency Alert feature allows administrators to push wayfinding and timely messages right when students need them most. Not only can you get info to your students quickly with digital signage, but it is smart to place screens in the teacher’s lounge as well.

Digital Menus

Students spend time daily in the food court, making it an ideal public location for displaying digital signage. Many a high school and college campus have made good use of digital signage for digital menu boards, showcasing product.

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