Digital Signage Hardware

digital signage playerWe exercise a tailored approach to hardware procurement for your signage project. From cost-effective turnkey solutions to complete custom manufactured systems, we can help provide the tools to ensure your signage is deployed without a glitch.

Player Hardware

To bring down CPU costs for our clients, we designed simple, function-based small form-factor players, designed to optimize digital signage tasks. The lineup of players includes form and function for nearly any type of deployment imaginable, including digital menus and transportation signage. Don't let the size of the players fool you, they offer power-packed high-definition content.

Sign Servers

In the world of various and different server types and functions, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t do. Thus, we created a range of servers for you to choose from that suit your network’s unique needs.


Choose from a vast collection of slim and stylish industrial LCD displays. These advances screens come in a lineup of various sizes, resolutions, contrasts, and viewing angle degrees. Built to last, and priced to sell. Look no further for the best deal on digital signage displays.

Touch Screen and Internet Kiosks

In order to bring you the best quality and pricing available, we have partnered with some of the world's leading manufacturers of self-service kiosks. With successful deployments in the industries of packaging and post, discount retail merchandising, grocery, soft-drink manufacturing, and fast-food, our partner network can make your kiosk vision a reality.42inch with rounded corner

Custom Manufacturing

Do you have a custom signage product in mind? We offer free consultation for custom manufacturing projects. Our network of manufacturers can assist you in prototype design and efficient deployment for anything from kiosks to all-in-one digital signage displays. We have helped build digital sign units for taxis and even small hand-held digital menus for restaurants. We’d be happy to accommodate your custom requests. Please contact us today.