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Open your account on the our mediaCLOUD and begin building an engaging presentation. Push unlimited number of presentation (also called campaigns) to unlimited number of remote screens and do it all for FREE. The mediaCLOUD is easy to use, simple to manage solution that requires no special skills. So are you ready to start?

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The mediaSERVER

If you would rather host a private Digital Signage server, you can choose the mediaSERVER. The mediaSERVER provides the same software as our mediaCLOUD Enterprise edition, but in a privately hosted environment. The mediaSERVER is popular among large companies that have an in house IT department.

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The mediaPLAYERs

The mediaDROID and mediaBOX are the ultimate plug and play, small form factor Digital Signage Players. They ship ready to go so all you need do is register them with your SignageStudio user name and password and you’ll be ready to enjoy easy web managed, super smooth presentation. The mediaDROID is an Android based device that’s inexpensive and ultra small. The mediaBOX is Windows 7 based device that’s driven by a powerful Dual Core Desktop processor. Check out the link below to learn more.

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The mediaHYBRID

With the mediaHYBRID server you can enjoy all the benefits of a private mediaSERVER with the low cost of licenses the way we offer it via the mediaCLOUD. Best of all, your Digital Signage network will be powered by the world’s most powerful ISP, Amazon Web services, so your network will always remain secure, fast and you only pay for what you use.

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