Digital Signage Services

Here at MediaSignage we provide a litany of premium digital services to restaurants and other food-service industry firms including both hand-held digital menus and digital menu boards using digital signage hardware and software. If you own a restaurant, or a series of restaurants, we work with you to enhance your customers' experience within the store, decrease costs, and increase revenues. This works to boost your company's ROI. We believe in innovative technologies as a way to improve the financial outcome of your business, not just simply for show. That is why we work to give you some of the best products and services at affordable prices. Digital Menu Boards As part of our digital menu board hardware and software products, we also help the novas and expert alike in crafting a menu and content layout which would be fitting for their particular establishment. In addition, we provide remote and local installation and integration services for installing single LCDs or thousands of displays in worldwide restaurant venues. Tablet Digital Menus As part of the business foray into the tablet, revolution we work to bring restaurant owners the latest in tablet technology for Apple's iPad, Google's Android, and other Tablet PC devices for pushing digital menu content to customers in restaurants worldwide. Resellers We also offer a host of reseller opportunities for nearly all of our applications. Please contact us today with information on your next digital menu project.