Digital Signage Download

SignageStudio: Desktop

The SignageStudio desktop version allows you to configure your signage presentation from a dedicated application, installed right on your desktop. While it includes all the same features as the web version, the desktop version generally performs better and has a shorter response time. The important difference is that the desktop version requires a simple software installation. Through the same interface, the desktop version allows you to easily configure and build your high-powered HD presentation. You can work on your presentation remotely whether or not you have an active internet connection. The installed desktop version is much faster than the web version, and is highly suggested if you plan to use the software regularly.

Signage Player Download

The SignagePlayer desktop version is the dedicated application which you install and run on your digital signage player. For the software to fully operate, you must register and activate the digital signage player account. This is done by simply installing the program and entering your email (username) and password. Once the software has been installed on the media player, you can connect your player to your SignageStudio network, and begin to remotely manage its content. The SignagePlayer software application allows you to centrally manage anywhere from one to thousands of digital signage displays. For a more detailed overview, we recommend you view the digital signage video tutorials page.

SignageStudio: Web

The SignageStudio web version allows you to configure your signage presentation from any web browser. While it requires no software installation, it has some setup limitations and slower performance. The SignageStudio Desktop version is recommended for increased performance. Trial accounts are generally managed through the Web version, as this version allows you to manage your screen remotely without downloading anything. Have your digital sign up and running in a matter of a few minutes. Simply click on the "OPEN NOW" icon above. During the login process, you will be prompted for your email address and other information. Before you can begin using the software, you must confirm your account through an email which will be sent to the address you provide. In addition, as you begin to use the software, you will have a choice of simple templates to use. These templates offer just a glimpse of the power within this Flash-powered software.