Kiosk Software

[button link="" target="_blank" style="green" size="large" align="left"]Get Started[/button]Our software platform has become an industry standard for developing robust self-service kiosk applications ranging from secure internet kiosks to automated medical and retail solutions requiring complex logic, secure data delivery and motion control systems. Built on AdobeAir, our software offers robust development and runtime environment which locks down kiosks for unattended public use and offers a power packed lineup of tools, best practices and hardware controls to help you achieve your self-service objectives with speed and confidence. The similarities in feature-sets between digital signage and kiosk software are almost unrecognizable. Our kiosk software's capabilities are broad enough to work for nearly any Internet or self-service kiosk deployment. Feel free to open a trial account of the software and begin managing your content. Self-service kiosk can provide positive returns for your company. Like in any project, having the kiosk running trouble free in the fastest time possible, would be of great benefit. We have the capability to help you achieve this with the kiosk software we offer. We are an industry standard with the software platform with we have in place. We produce self-service kiosk software programs that are strong yet can integrate sophisticated features when required. Whether it’s a secured internet kiosk to automated retail or medical applications, we can provide the appropriate solutions from the most simplified to those involving motion control systems, delivery of secured data, and complex logic. With AdobeAir as its foundation, our software provides tough features and capabilities like locking down kiosks in unsupervised open use. We have the full array of hardware controls, tools, and established best practices that enable us to deliver software solutions tailored to meet you self-service kiosk intentions. This is done in the fastest rate of time possible for the immediate running of your kiosk service. With the strong similarities in digital signage and kiosk software, we harness our know-how in both areas that allows us to operate in practically every kind of self-help kiosk or internet operation. Our expertise covers a wider field so our capability is extensive. Our development process from sample to actual product follows a system of quality checks for product integrity while managing to execute it at the shortest time possible. We are aware of the importance of speed so that the product can be up and running and give the customer his return on investment at a faster rate. We are also aware that this product should run as expected without costly downtime so quality is just as important. We offer a free trial account where you can manage your content. Contact us so we can show you how to reach your self-service kiosk objectives. From prototype to production, we have the systems in place to ensure quality and increase speed to market. The possibilities are nearly endless for obtaining a quick ROI with our self-service kiosk solutions. Contact us today about our kiosk software opportunities.