What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage utilizes the the internet or sneaker net to upload and schedule content for display on digital billboards such as LED, LCD, plasma, and projector screens. The content is used to advertise, inform, and educate people when they are out-of-home. Targeted and impacting content can be distributed to large audiences in a timely way via networks of servers . Televisions connected real-time via the Internet are being placed in multiple venue types across the nation by multiple content providers.The medium of digital signage offers greater flexibility and control than standard signage. Advertisers can specifically target messages like never before. In addition, digital signage has enhanced reach, awareness, acceptance and recall as an content distribution channel. As a medium, digital signage advertising is in a growth stage, and will be for some time as firms continue to deploy massive signage networks. Early adopters stand to make incredible and impressive sales gains as they utilize this effective advertising tool.

What is the difference between a hosted solution and a server-based set-up?

The hosted option is a cloud based Digital Signage application (a.k.a. software-as-a-service or SaaS). It is a subscription-based model that allows you to pay a nominal monthly price for each media player. All of your media files are stored on our servers and stream down to get locally cached within your media appliance. You get all the support and software updates at no additional charge. In contrast, the server-based solution means you manage your own content by purchasing your own server. This gives you complete control over your network and allows you to take advantage of economies of scale.

How secure is the software?

Digital Signage is powered by 128 bit SSL encryption. Multiple levels of authentication are used for user level access. Powered by Amazon S3 services, media is accessible using public / private keys allowing for the highest level of access restrictions for your private data. Our AIR application is SSL signed and approved.

What are my copyright restrictions?

It is your responsibility to ensure you follow your country's copyright laws. MediaSignage will not be responsible for any copyright infringements associated with your account. Be sure you receive full written approval for media and content used in your signage presentation. MediaSignage will remove content which was brought to our attention as a violator of any copyright laws.

I am receiving an error when I try to install the latest version, how do I fix this?

After you uninstall these be sure to delete the following: C:Documents and SettingsYOUR_NAMEMy Documentsdigitalsignage C:Program FilesSignagePlayerAir C:Program FilesSignageStudioAir Once you complete the above tasks you can continue by re-installing the AIRPlayer and / or AIRStudio. Go to our web site and re-install the AIRPlayer and AIRStudio:

What are the hardware requirements for the digital sign player software?

The following is recommended for good digital signage playback which includes swf animations, images, HD Video, Weather, RSS etc: Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.5GHz or faster Intel based processor with 1GB RAM; with 80GB hard drive. This is true for all operating systems including Windows, Ubuntu and Mac. You maybe be able to get away with lower end hardware, but you may also not receive the as smooth of transitions and graphics if you use lower-end hardware. In addition, you will not be taking full advantage of the power of the software. High quality signage presentation do require higher-end hardware. If your presentation includes multiple HD Video (H.264), vector based images and high-quality full screen swf animation including support for multiple screens, you should invest in better performance hardware. Large monitors running high resolution screens (i.e: 1920x1080) will also require better hardware; for improved rendering and high frame-per-second (FPS) refresh rate. For best performance we recommend: Intel Pentium 2.8GHz Quad Core2 with 2GB of RAM The SignagePlayer can run on low-end devices with as little as an 800MHz processor with Win XPe SP3 (embedded XP). Of course, you will be limited to simpler videos (no HD) and simpler swf animation due to the lack of processing power. Which operating system do you support ? We support any OS which runs Flash Player 10+ or above. This includes Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4; Windows XP with Service Pack 2; Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise; and Windows 7 - all versions. For Linux use Ubunto 9.10 or later release. Mac OS X 10.5.1 or later. Other devices such as portable and handheld are also supported as long they have Flash 10+ running natively. Note: The SignagePlayer for the Mac OS is supported only on the Intel base player, not PowerPC.

What are the software requirements for the signage player

Our software requirements are amazingly simple, allowing anyone to use almost any computer. SignageStudio - Desktop or web version - Any computer, witn any OS, running a commonly supported web browser with Flash player 10+ or above. SignagePlayer - web version - Any commonly supported web browser running Flash player 10+ or above ( Any OS or device ) SignagePlayer, - desktop version - Any OS which runs Adobe integrated runtime including Linux/Ubuntu, Windows XP, Windows 7 or above as well as Mac OS X

What kind of monitors can I use?

You can use any display such as a Computer monitor, LCD or Plasma which supports PC input.

Do I need a fast, persistent Internet connection?

Our SignageStudio and the web version of SignagePlayer do require a dedicated network connection. However, our desktop version of SignagePlayer, powered by the built-in caching engine, does not require a dedicated connection. In fact, the SignagePlayer-desktop version searches for internet activity only during power up and when it searches to see if new content is available for it to download. If there is no internet connection at all at these stations, you can update your digital signage manually using a portable hard drive or flash memory device

Do I need a static IP?

No, dynamic IPs are fully supported. In fact our system is smart enough to move into polling mode and bypass firewall restrictions if need be.

What type(s) of files does the software support?

software officially supports all of the Flash Media Formats which include: Video Formats: Flash video FLV (H.263), MPEG-4 (H.264) ,MOV, M4A, MP4V, 3GP, 3G2, AAC (HE, LC), SWF Animation: SWF Images: JPG, PNG Sound: MP3 However, you should note, due to the hundreds of different encoders available today, it is possible that some of your files may not run properly in your signage presentation. That is why we highly recommend you use a Freeware utility like Super to convert your media files to standard format including FLV, PNG or SWF. This will eliminate any encoder /decoder issues you may experience. SignageStudio

What is the SignageStudio?

SignageStudio, which comes in a web version and a desktop version, is the application you will use to configure and administer your digital signage presentation.

Do you have templates?

Signage templates allow you to quickly get up and running by selecting a pre-configured digital signage presentation. You can choose from a range of templates for one that best matches your needs. Once you select a signage template you may begin to modify it and its resources to accommodate your requirements.

Who can access and configure the content?

Anyone who has the user name and password can access and configure the digital signage presentation.

Is my configuration saved?

Once you make or change a signage configuration using SignageStudio, these changes are saved to our servers and propagate to the appropriate signage players. Media files (such as vidoes and images) also are saved to our servers and download to each signage player.

How do I clear the SignageStudio cookie info so I can re-register?

To delete the registered user local cookie so you can re-login delete the SignageStudio.XXX directory: In XP Delete C:Documents and SettingsUSER_NAMEApplication DataSignageStudio.XXX In Windows 7 / Vista Delete C:UsersUSER_NAMEAppDataRoamingDataSignageStudio.XXX In Mac OS X rm -r -f /Users/YOUR_USER/Library/Preferences/Data/SignageStudio.XXX AND rm -r -f /private/var/root/Library/Preferences/Data/SignageStudio.XXX In Linux / Ubuntu rm -r -f /root/.appdata/Data/SignageStudio* SignagePlayer + SignageController

Should I use the desktop version or the web version of the SignageStudio?

SignagePlayer-web version is not designed to run on a dedicated machine. For example, an online visitor to your web site may click a link and view your signage presentation.) The web version runs inside any browser and doesnt require special licensing or installation. With our web version of SignagePlayer, you may run an unlimited number of monitors (no license restrictions). The web version does require a dedicated internet connection, and it does not support our caching engine and lacks some enhanced functionality. SignagePlayer-desktop version is designed to run on a dedicated computer. It requires one license per computer and minimal installation. The desktop version does support enhanced functionality such as real time syncing for content and data, caching engine, detail operation statistics and more. With the desktop version of of SignagePlayer you do not need a dedicated internet connection so if your network fails a few times a day, your player will not be effected. Also, the desktop version allows for tuner card support.

What is the difference between the web version and the desktop version of the SignageStudio?

SignagePlayer-web version is a "light" signage player that is suitable for online viewing. The resources (videos, images and database) begin downloading to the player as soon as the player loads. The web version runs inside a web browser. A web visitor can view the presentation as soon as the content begins to download. The web version of SignagePlayer lacks some advanced features such as caching engine support, live administration control and recoverability. If you wish to make you signage presentation available for public viewing through your web site we recommend using the web version of SignagePlayer. SignagePlayer-desktop version is an advanced signage player that requires minimal installation. Each desktop version uses one paid license. The desktop version is powered by a sophisticated content caching engine that always keeps your content up to date. The desktop version of SignagePlayer also supports watch dog (fail and recover functionality) as well as many enhanced features including live administration control. If you are going to operate a signage monitor in a physical location (such as a retail store or office building) we recommend using the SignagePlayer-desktop version.

How many media players can I operate?

SignagePlayer-web version has no license restrictions. You may use an unlimited number of these players for free. SignagePlayer-desktop version requires once license per computer. So if a single copy of SignagePlayer-desktop version runs on a PC with 4 monitors attached to it, you only need one single license. There is no limit to the number of licenses you may purchase.

How can I link a signage presentation to my web site so web visitors can see it ?

Once you submit any changes to your signage configuration using SignageStudio, these changes are saved to servers and propagate to the appropriate signage players. Media files ( such as vidoes and images ) also are saved to our servers and download to each signage player.

I can see my Player registered but I can not remote control it, why?

If you are having issues connecting to our server you must have issues with a local firewall. We support both LIVE Sockets as well as HTTP Polling. Under the SignageStudio; Stations you may get 3 color indicators: Yellow: connected via Polling Green: connected via live socket Red: not connected

What is the signage controller software and do you need it ?

The signage controller is a small software utility which is installed on the same machine that runs a desktop version of the signage player software. It's job is to continue and monitor the status of sign player in the field. If for some reason player crashes or becomes unstable, the controller will restart it to ensure continued uninterrupted playing of your presentation.

How can I disable the Adobe AIR software auto updates which Adobe releases ?

Simply download and install the following software in your SignagePlayer PC. Once installed, run it and configure it for "No Auto Update". How do I reset SignagePlayer settings (clears user name and password as well) ? 1. Close the SignagePlayer 2. In Windows: Delete the following directories: C:Documents and SettingsUSER_NAMEApplication DataSignagePlayer.* Replace USER_NAME with your logged in user name. In Ubuntu Linux: rm -f -r /home/root/.appdata/SignagePlayer.* or /root/.appdata/SignagePlayer.* 3. Restart the SignagePlayer 4. Re-register with your new user email and password How do I clear the SignagePlayer cookie info so I can re-register? To delete all of the local info so you can reset the cached content, click on the [ERASER] icon in the SignageStudio > Stations section To delete the registered user local cookie so you can re-login delete the SignagePlayer.XXX directory: In XP Delete C:Documents and SettingsUSER_NAMEApplication DataSignagePlayer.XXX In Windows 7 / Vista Delete C:UsersUSER_NAMEAppDataRoamingSignagePlayer.XXX In Mac OS X rm -r -f /Users/YOUR_USER/Library/Preferences/SignagePlayer.XXX AND rm -r -f /private/var/root/Library/Preferences/SignagePlayer.XXX In Linux / Ubuntu rm -r -f /root/.appdata/Signage*

Can I connect external DVD, Satellite TV, Cable box or other input devices ?

We have the capability to connect any S-Video, RCA or beautiful High Definition (HD) source (satellite, cable, security cameras etc) via a capture card. For more information, please visit

Why is my input device blurry, smashed or interlaced?

To remove the interlace (to deinterlace) you must set the width and height of the screen division where the capture component resides to match the input resolution. For example, for most DVD and other sources use a width and height that is a multiplier of 1.5. So try and set screen division to 720x480 and put the capture component inside that area to de-interlace.

Do you support RSS, Weather, Stock, Podcasts ?

We support all common RSS feeds. We provide the editor tool so you may completely customize the look of any really simple syndication.

Can I run a PowerPoint Presentation?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that we support the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer but it does have some limitations as it requires full screen and licensing from Microsoft. And so we highly recommend, that you simply spend $40 and get a PPT to SWF converter (Power Point to Flash converter). We recommend these two: which allows you to save directly from PowerPoint onto a swf file.

What are shared resources?

Shared resources are sorts of our own Digital Signage social network. It allows you to mark resources as public and make them available to the community to all users. Of course you may also use shared resources from the community for your own presentation. Resources include videos, animation, vectors, bitmaps and more.

Can I add my own custom web components to my signage presentation ?

Our SignagePlayer Desktop version system supports the HTML component. This allows you to develop any component using your favorite web technology (cgi, php, Tcl, etc..). Once you post your developed application online (you host it) you can link to it from within signage studio using our HTML components. Simply point to your URL and your custom application will load into the AIRPlayer signage presentation (the SignagePlauer Web version does not support the HTML component).

Can I develop my own SignagePlayer side custom components?

Yes, we support custom Modules which may be developed in Flash CS4 or Adobe Flex. Be sure to view our online Support video tutorials on this subject.

Who can become a reseller/white label ?

Anyone can become a reseller and affiliate partner of Deploid No obligation, no contract and no hidden fees. In fact you can open a reseller account right now. Start using the white label features and generate repeat income.

Can I charge my own prices ?

You can charge any price you see fit for your solution and services provided. Deploid is just a piece of the puzzle in your Digital Signage solution.

Can I brand the Digital Signage Server?

Sure, when you purchase a digital sign server you can white label / brand your solution. This means that when the Player install from your web site it will have your Logo, also when the SignagePlayer restarts it displays your brand. All aspects of the SignageStudio are also branded including images, Links and even URLs.

Can I support resellers with multi level branding?

The digital signage server is branded with your information. However if you wish to provide another level of branding to your resellers so they can brand the SignageStudio and SignagePlayer with their information, you will need to purchase a server reseller license add-on to add to your server. For further pricing information on multi level reseller support for the server be sure to contact our support team.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do.