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Flash hardware acceleration

Another very exciting feature of our Digital Signage platform is hardware scaling and hardware acceleration support which is built right into our SignagePlayer. It  lends itself perfectly to enhancing the video playback experience of HD video in your digital signage presentation —especially when you consider the size of HD 1080p video (1920 x 1080).

The hardware acceleration was not built solely for the new H.264 video capabilities. It also helps with larger On2 VP6 video files and the display of SWF content in general.

What all this means to you? Well it means you can run your Digital Signage presentation on lower end hardware devices thus both saving you on your initial investment as well as allowing superior quality which can be delivered right into your screens. No more choppiness or dropped frames, your content is now as clear as life and flows naturally with the rest of your campaign

The addition of H.264 and AAC support in Flash and in our SignagePlayer allows you to easily use high-definition, industry standard video and audio. With this, MediaSignage raises the bar further for video and animation and offers display possibilities across a wide range of devices.

What does this all mean to you, it means you will soon be able to get x 10 the performance from our SignagePlayer running on a Media Player / Personal compute that is about 1/2 our current minimum requirements. It means that the inexpensive Atom processor is about to get popular all over again. And most importantly, it means cost savings for you and better profits for your business.

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