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White Label

It’s your product, it’s our tool

With white label (also known as private label) you can take the MediaSignage application and make it look as if it’s your own.

You can change the Logos, application links (such as Help > about) and set your own pricing model. The white label feature is part if our reseller account. Once you subscribe as a reseller, you will be able to take advantage of the Advertising Engine and White Label products.  Some of the other reseller features include multi user access list control and more.
As you can see, there are many benefits to becoming a reseller.

When it comes down to it, MediaSignage is a software company. We provide the tools that you need to build your own Digital Signage and Kiosk solution.

We do not interfere with your business model. You are welcome to use our software as service solution anyway you like (within the guide lines of our license agreements).
This means that you can OEM the software, distribute it, white label it, license it annually, sell it with service contracts or find other ways that will accommodate your personalized product offering.

The bottom line is that we provide the tools for you to make money and succeed. We do not consider ourselves your partner. Partners take share in your profits, are involved in your operations and have a say on how you run your business; thus we are not your partner but rather a company which delivers the tools that you need to prosper and be dominant in your field.


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