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The trend

According to Sign Magazine “Dynamic Digital Signage has emerged as the "Next Killer Application" for the new generation of sign technology in the advertising industry. A digital signage system, which is usually composed of a server or PC, a monitor or TV and software, is capable of delivering full-screen, full-color content to multiple locations. Cost of implementation has been reduced significantly over the past two years, making it possible for Digital Signage to be in the mainstream marketplace. This is evidenced by the extensive usage of digital signage at airports, museums and shopping centers. The growth rate is projected to increase significantly in the next few years as the technology matures.”

MediaSignage delivers the future of signage today by allowing the world’s first complete web solution ( Player and Administration ). At MediaSignage we believe Digital Signage technology needs to be:

1. simple to use
2. affordable to adopt
3. entertaining to watch.

Digital Signage is by far the fastest growing advertising method used by medium and large businesses. Recently Digital Signage has began to penetrates small business as well.

Below is the latest Google Trends chart of the Digital Signage Trends.

Chances are your competition is looking into, or already installed a digital signage solution.

So can you afford to wait any longer ?

Market Segments


Assisted Living
Athletic Clubs
Corporate Communications
Dining & Restaurants
Gaming & Casinos
Retail & Mall Advertising
Public Access

The future

Everyone will agree that Digital Signage is here to stay. If you think about it, Digital Signage has made its way into many futuristic Hollywood films. Science Fiction films often have some elaborate digital signage covered walls or huge electronic floating billboards or even digital signage animation running on the morning milk carton .

And while digital signage may not be on our milk products anytime soon, we at MediaSignage think we are brining signage and narrowcasting technologies a few steps closer to where digital signage is gonna be in the not so far future.

Digital Signage is becoming more popular. Lower cost flat monitors and the increased sophistication of the average customer are just a few of the reasons why you are beginning to see computer and TV monitors at gas stations, restaurants, malls, and retail stores just to name a few. The monitors deliver multimedia content in the form of dynamic ads and videos.

However many industries have not yet been penetrated by Digital Signage thus missing out on the potential return on investment which may yield from the technology.

Take for example a Pet Shop, as the owner of a small pet store you may want to let your customers know that next week you will be receiving a new supply of tropical fish.

You will need to hire a print shop to produce a custom poster with the content desired. The poster will only be used once and you are limited by the amount of information it can present.

With a Digital Signage powered by MediaSignage you can simply upload the text, images and videos to your Digital SignagePlayer and the message is delivered with no additional cost. The content is more entertaining as it may combine multimedia, video and images. You can set the system to deliver your ads to all your stores ( if you own more than one pet shop ) and have full control over the schedule and administration.

Digital Signage allows you to present your customers, clients or students with the information you want to deliver at the most critical time.

Most of today's Digital Signage service providers charge thousands of dollars for the initial setup of the software and propriety hardware, in addition to recurring fees.
Historically, Digital Signage required complex configuration to achieve the dynamic distribution of content which is often too difficult for the average user to administrate.
MediaSignage changes all that. With our services you can begin to setup, create and deliver your Signage content right now. Our platforms required no special software, no special hardware and no proprietary players. In fact, you can create your Digital Signage solution right now and begin to preview it and deliver it in only a few minutes.

Best of all, our Signage Solutions will only cost you a few cents a day.

And if you own a web site, you can provide your web visitors an option to view your Digital Signage content on your site without requiring them to install any special software.  As soon as you submit a change to your signage campaign, the change will propagate to all your players including web visitors.

Digital Signage allows you to deliver amazing results for any retail outlet or company selling any product or service. Compared to the old and costly printed signs that deliver the same message until it’s taken down (and replaced), the digital signage can run messages that are limited only by the amount of time that retail outlet lets it run. If a store owner leaves it running even beyond working hours, the messages that it can impart is then limited only by the number of people that sees it.

However, it is not optimal for the digital signage to run the same set of messages in all stores at all times. It will make the program monotonous and eventually result in a decline in effectiveness. Every store has a peculiarity and being able to take advantage of it requires the deployment of new content. Media Signage provides all the tools to easily create new content and to deliver it to an unlimited number of display monitors with a click of a button.

Narrowcasting ( also known as Retail TV, Captive Audience Networks, Out-Of-Home Television, Electronic Billboards or Digital Signage ) refers to the targeted delivery of multimedia content to specific locations and even specific displays within those areas. It normally utilizes plasma and LCD monitors to deliver messages that are intended for a specific venue, time, and audience.

For example, you can create an entertaining animation of your products and services using Flash CS3 or any other commonly used authoring software which will produce the supported file formats. Upload it to our servers and narrowcast it to the suited consumers in various stores and different locations within the stores.

Not only that, messages may be programmed to suit specific client types per time of day. For instance, messages that run on stores in a predominantly Asian neighborhood will not be the same as those being played in branches located within the Italian sections of the city.

The multimedia content can also be configured to be appealing to students immediately after class hours, run related programs during Thanksgiving and any other targeted program that the situations may call for.

Being able to tap expert narrowcasting services is every marketers dream. When the perfect provider has been found, the company can expect awareness of their new products, renewed interest in slow moving goods and of course, tremendous increases in sales.

Media Signage offers services which were historically expansive and complicated but with great ease of use and for a fraction of the price of most current Digital Signage solutions which are available today. The return on investment with Digital Signage is tremendous. Adding Digital Signage to your store is a no brainier. Besides, not only is efficient usage of new technologies in the the best way, it is the only way to go. In this time where competing entities utilize every inch of advantage to the fullest, failing to use narrowcasting will probably mean that you have been left behind.

Narrowcasting or Digital Signage is the way of the future and its use is a move in the right direction.


And with Media Signage, its simple, inexpensive and you can start using it right now. You don’t need to talk to sales person, you have no special software or hardware to install ( powered by Flash Player ), so give it a shot and start enjoying the benefits.






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