Your wish is our command. We are glad to announce that our 1.0 beta release is officially out as of February 1st, 2009. We have incorporated many of the features your requested. Our development and architecture teams have worked hard to deliver the best possible Digital Signage solution using Adobe AIR. We now need your help to find bugs and squash them. So if you run into any problems be sure to report back to us so we can fix the issues. Below is a list of the new features included in 1.0

  • AIRStudio for desktop runtime of our Digital Signage Studio in Adobe AIR
  • Enhanced timeline functionality including multi drag and rearrangement
  • Signage Designer with support for all system components
  • Effects including alpha, drop shadow, glow, bevel, fade and more
  • RSS Weather including RSS Weather pre made templates
  • RSS Stock including RSS Weather pre made templates
  • RSS News with predefined links
  • RSS Video Podcasts with predefined links
  • Embed font and label component
  • Custom Date/Time component with mask support
  • Video component with enhanced functionality
  • HTML component including HTML management MiniSDK support
  • Shared resources including clocks, vector graphics and more
  • Integration with Yahoo Maps including zoom and address linking
  • Integration with Flickr and embedding images
  • Tuner card support for live TV and auxiliary connection
  • Background color with enhanced gradient support
  • Enhanced Media Manager
  • Embed your own swf and allow access to external data source
  • Link to external media files including videos, swfs and images
  • Media file fade transition inside Signage Player
  • Graphs, Charts and Datagrid component support
  • Lots of bug fixes from our previous release
  • And even more features, you have to checkout this out...

What’s next ?

Our next release 1.1 and 1.2 will focus on adding reseller support. Resellers will be able to control associated clients and get statistical data on each client’s usage. We will also develop the white labeling and branding features. This will allow resellers to make the MediaSignage platform embed directly onto their site. We will also finish up our licensing model for the AIRPlayers. And of course, clean up any bugs you find. Our goal is finalize the beta release in 1.2 and convert our development cycle into production. This all should be executed by April 25th of 2009, we hope :)









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