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Visual analytics - the future is now

You can see the difference, literally.

Visual analytics allows for two advantages. First, you can provide your advertisers with a receipt of proof of play which is integrated with actual eyeball statistics. In other words, how many people were viewing the advertisement. Second, you can deliver a more direct advertisement to your captive audience, for example by gender, race or even age.

Just imagine the possibilities of Digital Signage when you have “Live” eyes at the end of your mediaBOX Player. And the future is here now, part of the ongoing efforts of our advertisement engine is to include Visual Analytic.

Getting actual stats on who is watching and when, and cross referencing that into proof of play / billing can really give your advertisers the confident they need to invest in your advertisement network; just like what pay per click has done for the web.

You can checkout more on Visual Analytics on the video to the right. MediaSignage is currently evaluating several vendors so we can provide you with the best possible hardware and software integration for the lowest possible cost.

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