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Digital Signage Streaming Server

Our Digital Signage streaming server tutorial demonstrates how you can setup your own Streaming Server in your local area network. The Streaming server can stream live content to all of your SignagePlayer. The live stream content can come from any RCA / S-Video / Component input such as DVD, Cable box, Satellite box, Web Cam, security camera and other devices.

The beauty of having a streaming server is that you only need a single source (stream feed) and a single capture card installed on a one local server to propagate the stream to as many SignagePlayers as you want (all over your existing Ethernet network with no extra cabling).

Imagine if you wanted to show live CNN news or a local public channel in all your Signage Players without having to rely on Internet Podcasts. Or, imagine broadcasting an entire rented DVD movie to all Players, there is no need to RIP or encode, simply insert the DVD to a Video Player that is connected using S-Video to your local server and and stream the movie to all SignagePlayers directly onto the desired screen division.


Below you will find links to download the required software to setup your own Streaming server. Note that this software may become out of date as newer versions may be available.

Also, you will need to contact Wowza to request a free license for 10 active stream server.

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