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Mobile as the new Kiosk controller for Digital Signage

Digital Signage + QR code + Mobile devices = the future of Kiosk

It’s safe to say that mobile devices have revolutionized the way we communicate and interact with each other. And at MediaSignage we believe mobile devices are the future of Kiosks.

In the next few years we believe you will see a shift from touch screens and Kiosk displays to Digital Signage screens that allow you to interact with the screen via your mobile device. Simply scan a QR code that’s posted right on the screen and use your mobile device as the interface for the Digital Signage. Using a QR code rather than simply listing a website increases the interaction between the consumer and the brand.  Yes, a person can pull out their smartphone and type in a website – but a QR code is mysterious and well, just more fun.  Looking at a code, a consumer has very little idea where it might take them, and often times a business will choose to link to a discount, freebie, or deal.  When faced with a QR code, people want to know where the code leads to and with the speed of smartphone technology these days… they are only seconds away from finding out.

If you think about it, this revolutionary approach has many benefits including cost reduction for the provider, the ability to stand long distances from the screen and even the recall of data at a later time by the mobile user.

MediaSignage is always on the cutting edge of Digital Signage and you can be sure we are working on some amazing tools. Check out the video as this is a perfect example of what Digital Signage holds for the future; an interactive medium that’s interconnected with your mobile life.

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