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iPad for Digital Signage, now how cool is that!

the Apple iPad makes your Digital Signage better, brighter and easier than ever

iPad - you can do more than you think

Pick up an iPad and suddenly, it’s clear. You’re actually touching your photos, reading a book, playing the piano. Nothing comes between you and what you love. Now imagine taking this magical experience and transforming it into Digital Signage. So your visitors can engage with your products, your patients can learn on the spot and your customers can order their favorite meal.  Well It’s all possible with and all you have to do is,  well nothing special. Build your presentation once and run it everywhere.

iPad - the ultimate Kiosk solution

Touch Screen, Kiosk, Interactive Digital Signage, all big words set to explain the same thing. Historically you had to buy expansive hardware to deploy an interactive screens. But that’s all changed now. The iPad gives you a bright, responsive screen that’s easy to interact with and all in a small form factor device. So you may be thinking, “How do I secure the iPad so people don’t take it”, or “How do I prevent users from existing the presentation”. Well don’t worry, there are a ton of iPad enclosure that hide the iPad [Home] button thus preventing anyone from turning the iPad off or returning to the home screen, These enclosures also secure the iPad in place so you can install it in public places. Simply Google for “iPad enclosures and you will find a whole slew of compatible frames and case mounts.
We told you it’s easy...

iPad - finally, selling Digital Signage is made... easy!

Selling anything is not easy, let alone Digital Signage. Explaining to a potential customer what Digital Signage can do for them has always been a real challenge and carrying around a hefty laptop is not ideal either.

But now you can walk into a bushiness while holding a slick looking iPad, you will be able to play any presentation; both from the mediaCLOUD (over your 3g / 4g cell service) or from perviously cached campaigns.
Now you can close the deal every time, let the SignagePlayer sell itself.



















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