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Hosted Digital Signage (SAS)

Digital Signage as a “Software as a Service” is the future of narrowcasting

In this article we will cover a bit about how the technologies which power the Narrowcasting of and how these technologies came about. We will explain why Web Powered Digital Signage is the way to go and the benefits of using Hosted Digital Signage

Digital Signage has been around for long time. Historically Digital Signage was built around propriety hardware which was controlled, managed and installed by a service provider.  These service providers are still around and just like the “old days” they still charge and arm an a leg for these services.

With the introduction of lower cost LCD monitors and the popularity of the internet there is no longer a need for such pre historic  companies. SaS ( Software as a service ) appeared right after the social networking boom. The social networking web sites such as MySpace, Digg and others introduced additional  requirements that traditional HTML and Java script could not deliver.

Say hello to Ajax. Ajax was a new library of classes which enabled a standard HTML web site to be broken down into multiple sections which may asynchronously be updated without fully refreshing a web page. This simple change enabled companies to provide “Application like” capabilities into legacy web sites.

In an effort to compete with Ajax and competing technologies Adobe’s Flash Player runtime which was around long before Ajax was than given a complete reengineering from its core up and boosted with much needed power so it may also be able deliver rich internet application inside the web browser.

Using Hosted Digital Signage that is powered by Adobe’s AIR and Adobe’s Flash is the ultimate platform for Captive Audience Network solution. Flash is widely supported standard and since our Digital SignagePlayer is Flash based it means that you can run your Digital Signage presentation anywhere including Mobile phones, Closed Circuit devices, PDAs and more.

Narrowcasting is best utilized when presented to as many eyes as possible and choosing a platform that supports such diversity is vital to the success of your Digital Signage solution.

Software as a service or Hosted Digital Signage by default delivers added functionally and benefits which otherwise would not be available. Automatic updates of all services ( SignageStudio and Signage Players ), Lower cost of ownership and  flexible growth with zero initial software cost just to name a few.

Hosted Captive Audience networks also produce greater accessibility to your media content which may easily be streamed to any Digital SignagePlayer including web visitors that wish to watch your Signage presentation at your web site.

There is no doubt that Digital Signage a SaS is the way of the future and its here now. MediaSignage delivers a quality Signage Software platform that is widely supported by thousands of Signage players and is available to you at a fraction of the cost of other Digital Signage solutions, today.

Software as a service

Stay up-to-date with the latest software releases. Centralized administration and better player remote control

Signage Tech

Choose the hardware that’s right for you. Lower cost maintenance and better selection for peripheral and monitors

Distributed Media

Managed data centers with black box style resource management. Upload once and use it anywhere within your campaign

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