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MediaSignage makes Digital Signage easy, for everyone, even you

Digital Signage doesn’t have to be expensive, complicated or hard to integrate.
Like most things in life, information is everything (well information and good software that is)

And this is where MediaSignage comes in; we give you amazing, real life solutions to help you get up and running in no time. Whether you are a digital signage end user, digital signage reseller or digital signage content creator, we are here to help you out. MediaSignage is here to support.
Documents such as this one is what its all about; making simple things that may seem complex at first, simple again...

Problem #1: Software
Until MediaSignage came along, Digital Signage was very expansive. Companies charge thousands of dollars for leasing, licensing or purchasing DS software and hardware.
In fact most vendors today will ignore small to medium size digital signage contracts since they know the software is so expansive and complex,  that such companies can not afford it. MediaSignage on the other hand is the solution to the problem.

Our software is so inexpensive that  we like to thinks its practically free.
We have online video tutorials to help you out (click here to check them out).
You can easily learn how to use the software without the need of becoming a computer guru.
Our software is divided into 4 categories

1. SignageStudio Web version is an application which allows you to manage your signage presentation. It is a rich web 2.0 application that runs inside a browser. It’s FREE and its loaded with hundreds of features. It requires no installation (powered by Flash). The WEBStudio may load a bit slow at first (until cached) since it loads over the web.

2. SignageStudio Desktop version is identical to the SignagePlayer Web version and it is also FREE.
However the  SignageStudio Desktop is a desktop installed application thus it loads much faster and performs better (recommended).

3. SignagePlayer Web version allows you to run your signage presentation inside a web browser.
It is intended mostly for previewing or for linking to your signage presentation from within a web site. You can take a look at some of our customer’s digital signage presentation using the SignagePlayer Web version by following this link. The SignagePlayer Web version is FREE and also runs inside a web browser.

4. SignagePlayer Desktop version is our work horse. It is a dedicated desktop installation software which runs on a dedicated Digital Signage computer. You can remote control the SignagePlayer from the Desktop or Web Studio. The SignagePlayer can run with or without internet connectivity. We give you the 1st SignagePlayer desktop version license for FREE and you can purchase additional license for additional monitors.
You can learn more about our very inexpensive prices here.

Problem #2: Hardware
Many Digital Signage vendors will charge an arm and a leg for the “special” hardware.
With MediaSignage you can buy ANY hardware which runs Flash 10. This includes any PC using any OS ( Mac, Linux, Windows) that runs Flash 10 or greater. Use Media Players or any device you think best matches your needs. You should read this article to learn more. As far as the monitor, you can get any LCD or Plasma screen you like and simply connect the dedicate digital signage PC to it. All new monitors come with prebuilt VGA inputs so connecting a personal computer to a LCD or plasma screen is a snap.

Problem #3: Content
So you decided to use MediaSignage. You like the software and you got the hardware. But you are not a graphic artists. So how do you create the content ? Well with MediaSignage you have several options. Our software comes with a built in Editor which makes building simple animation and graphics simple and quick. You can hire any Web / Flash guy to create captivating media.
Or hire a professional content creators such as BluePony for complete content creation.
The choice is yours, but the options are many.

Problem #4: Installation
The last thing you should worry about is the installation of the hardware. Many people simply are unaware of how to physically install the Digital Signage solution. Once again, this is simple and easy.  You can get a wall mount for your LCD / Plasma screen and mount it at your designated location. The PC running the Digital Signage does not have to be anywhere near the monitor.
You should read our Digital Signage extenders document as it goes into great detail on how to hook up the monitor and PC. Basically, the Digital SignagePlayer can be located  hundreds of feet away from the monitor. You can even split the signal and connect many monitors to a single PC. The VGA Signage cable usually runs over ethernet Cat-5 cable so cabling up your business can be done by any certified electrician.

To summarize::
MediaSignage makes Digital Signage easy, affordable and its available today.
So you no longer have any excuses to put your Digital Signage project on hold.

The software is inexpensive, the hardware is inexpensive, content creation is a snap and installation is a breeze. So what are you waiting for, get into Digital Signage and get your message to your captive audience today.

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