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Digital Signage Psychology? Get Smart

Studies begin on the psychology of corporate digital signage

LONDON — The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), one of Wales’ leading research-funding bodies, has awarded money for a series of pioneering studies into the psychological impact of digital signage within the corporate environment.
Under the award, the ESRC will fund a Ph.D. candidate for three years to research digital signage in office settings. Jointly supervised by digital agency Pixel Inspiration and Dr. James Intriligator, co-director of Bangor University’s Centre for Experimental Consumer Psychology, the researcher will look at how digital signage content effects employee morale, retention, job satisfaction and more.
The findings will be used to form a set of best practice guidelines regarding the style, content, and delivery of effective digital signage content.
“This funding represents a real breakthrough,” said Intriligator. “The ESRC is the science establishment in the U.K., so for it to decide to fund studies into digital signage, that shows that the field is coming of age.”
“In today’s age of information overload, many corporate organizations still rely on email as the primary channel for communicating with employees.

But digital signage can do so much more,” said Nikk Smith, technical director, Pixel Inspiration. “We believe that this research project will allow us to demonstrate, in scientific terms, the benefits that digital signage can deliver to a business.”

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