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Narrowcasting. The next BIG thing

Everything is going digital these days. Mobile phones, cameras, TV Channels, computers etc are working in digital mode. The next step in digital trapping in the world , through digital sign boards. Digital Signage are basically used to provide information, advertisement of a product or to entertain others. This is a more impressive and inspiring way to express your ideas in the form of animation or transition effects.

Information of digital signage can be displayed on a LCD, message board, electronic billboard, plasma display panels, LEDs or projections screens etc. Digital signage makes your work conveniently as it is controlled by some computing device, making it trouble-free to amend its contents through internet. Technology of digital signage can be implemented by number of users for various purposes. Some of them are as following:

Marketing: use of digital signage for marketing is a very good choice. This is a wonderful alternative for trade show displays, branding, advertising networks etc. this is the way to express your ideas more impressively and effectively. It makes your presentations more eyes catching. 

Interactive information sharing: Digital signage is a good media of sharing information in interactive way. It can be helpful in casinos, pubs and clubs where an interactive media is required to share information.

Source of information: The novel technology of digital signage is proved to be a very good source of information, when it is used as electronic bullet board to display latest news headlines in an educational institute. It provides timely information at an airport about the plane timings.

Influences customer’s behavior: For example; It can be a technique to influence customers behavior in a restaurant waiting for their order, or time spend on any store for a your turn.

Corporate communication: Digital signage is the best source of corporate communication. It can show fruitful results in a meeting, seminar and in a presentation. One can express itself in an effectual way through this digital signage.

Brand building for new product launch: It can create a platform for the new product launch. If a company places a big digital attention on a road side, it will definitely attract the attention of passengers passing through.

Global market in welcoming this new technology with open hands. It is getting its preference with time.

According to recent survey digital signage is one of the fastest growing marketing channels. This can be estimated from the statistics like 430,000 digital devices were sold in the year 2005 and this number increased to 33% more in the year 2007. From a report it is believed that up to year 2009, the digital market will need 900,000 more digital displays.

A recent digital signage study conducted by Info Trends showed that the 47.7% people find it effective on brand awareness, 29.5% finds it influencing for purchase of a product, 32.8% influencing for repeat buyers.

The above statistics shows that the future of digital signage which seems is very dazzling.


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