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mediaCLOUD candidate release 4.0

We are very excited to announce our next major milestone candidate release: 4.0 for the mediaCLOUD.
This release was a tremendous undertaking as it incorporates many new features and architectural changes to both the SignagePlayer and SignageStudio. 
Included in this release are the top requested features from our worldwide user base.
We have taken every feature requested into consideration, weighing it against popularity vs. development time; packing the most comprehensive release to date.

Release 4.0 feature list:

  • A more intuitive SignageStudio layout with new "Jump to" functionality
  • SignageStudio DynaHelp for "in studio" training and assistance
  • optimized SignagePlayer install size (1.5MB)
  • optimized SignagePlayer runtime
  • SignageStudio and SignagePlayer powered by new spark / mobile Theme framework
  • re-factored entire suit to use the new open source Flex framework available through the Apache repository
  • modules on demand. Load only used modules to reduce SignagePlayer and SignageStudio load times
  • hardware video acceleration (GPU processing)
  • scene Mime type for easy integration to timeline (like weather, catalog etc)
  • collection viewer with support for slideshow (kiosk and auto modes)
  • XML Player to connect to external databases and custom data feeds. Also integrates with Kiosk builder / Collection
  • new text justifications
  • simplified Label component
  • default resource length
  • Scene shortcuts and Scene embedding
  • live Preview of timeline
  • zoom in/out for Scenes
  • HTML5 support in SignageStudio and SignagePlayer (WebKit)
  • Facebook Album, Events and Friends integration
  • download resources for local archiving
  • larger single screen division support (4096x4096 per division)
  • nested scene support allowing scene to hold sub scenes with no level limitation
  • scene item alignment (supports nested scene alignment as well) including horizontal, vertical and tile layouts
  • enterprise users mediaSTORE with import of new dynamic loadable components
  • dynamic generation of QR codes
  • PDF component
  • 3rd party swf compatibility mode (load none standard swf like Flypaper or banner snack)
  • kiosk / way finder builder
  • externally linked swf/image and externally linked Videos now cache on the desktop player
  • touch screen command support for all components and resources
  • global graceful error handling
  • screen alignment tools
  • screen selection tools
  • scene alignment tools
  • scene selection tools
  • timeline alignment tools
  • timeline selection tools
  • scene item resize tools
  • channel magnetic tools
  • channel level search and replace
  • global resource search and replace
  • dynamic help & auto tooltips (removed legacy navigation help)
  • RSS Images support in SignagePlayer Desktop version
  • fixed performance of Videos in Ad Engine and exported CSV
  • developers standalone Flash builder project for App Store component development (all component API)

Release 4.0 requirements:

- You must install Adobe AIR 3.3 from:
- Be sure to create a new campaign for existing user accounts testing 4.0 (so you can go back and fourth between 3.0 and 4.0)
- Remove your existing 3.0 cookie before launching the SignageStudio 4.0 (and also delete it when going back to 3.0)

To delete the registered user local cookie so you can re-login delete the SignagePlayer.XXX directory:

Delete C:\Documents and Settings\USER_NAME\Application Data\SignagePlayer.XXX

In Windows 7 / Vista
Delete C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\SignagePlayer.XXX

In Mac OS X
rm -r -f /Users/YOUR_USER/Library/Preferences/SignagePlayer.XXX
rm -r -f /private/var/root/Library/Preferences/SignagePlayer.XXX

In Linux / Ubuntu
rm -r -f /root/.appdata/Signage*

Video tutorials

- Introduction to release 4.0
- Screen Templates
- XML component
- Facebook component
- QR code
- Collection component
- Video wall
- Content creation
- Form component
- Multi functions
- Twitter component
- Scene intro

As of current candidate release we do not ask that users report functionality bugs since we are fixing them on a daily basis.
However, we would greatly appreciate it if test users can provide us with scenarios where they received an exception error.
An exception error is when a Dialog pops up with a title of "Oops, that's embarrassing, what just happened..."
So if you see such an Error please let us know the steps to reproduce so we can fix all Exceptions errros.
If you can make a video using the free site: TechSmith it would be greatly appreciated.

Release notes for 4.0

- Beta release does not support Web (Web Player /  Web Preview / Web Embed / Web Studio)
- Release 4.0 Facebook component does not support iOS (iPad / iPhone)

The software has become a world-class solution that everyone enjoys while the range of supported devices is growing beyond the PC to TVs, tablets and mobile devices.

At MediaSignage we are working around the clock to make sure we deliver our (and your) dream, Digital Signage for everyone.
We thank you for your support as we make MediaSignage the most powerful, most versatile, FREE Digital Signage platform in the known universe!

For latest build bug fix list review the live doc posted at on the forum

For the latest updates be sure to follow us or join G+ Circle, or visit our Twitter page.

Get Started with 4.0 beta

The SignageStudio and SignagePlayer final release version 4.0 can be installed below. The applications require the latest version of Adobe AIR 3.3 (Get from link below). The SignageStudio and SignagePlayer are compatible with Windows and Mac.

4.0 mediaCLOUD beta release (Windows / Mac)

















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