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More power, faster graphics, for less money, in a smaller form factor; that’s what this Digital Signage Player is all about. The mediaDROID-150 is truly the latest in high tech gadgets. This power house of a player packs a quad core 1.7Ghz processor which drives HD content at 30 FPS, HD Weather, RSS and much more, and still has power to spare.

Pre-loaded with Google’s latest Android OS (yes, including the Play Store), the mediaDROID-150 was developed specifically in response to a critical and growing demand for a reliable, inexpensive solution for Digital Signage that can deliver HD content while keeping cost down.

These small form factor Signage Players were designed as plug and play peripherals. Simply turn on the mediaDROID-150, register it with your SignageStudio login e-mail and password and off you go to enjoy hassle free presentation playback. It is by far the most power you can get, in such a small device. The MediaSignage development team compiled a custom Android version to ensure consistent and uninterrupted playback.

The mediaDROID-150 ships with a hand held remote control so it`s easy to manage your screen using the point and click device. It is a dedicated Digital Signage Player powered by the amazing RK31 1.7GHz quad core processor. The Player delivers smooth graphics while running cool. The built in dual WIFI is powerful enough to pick up even the weakest wireless signal, so you can easily install it without having to run a separate Ethernet cable (although it supports Ethernet 10/100MB as well).

The Player features single HDMI port, multiple USB inputs, optical and mini jack sound ports, fast Ethernet and a powerful WIFI module. Imagine a computing device powerful enough to produce stunning visuals with responsive performance, yet small enough to fit in the palm of your hand; well that`s the mediaDROID-150.

With a powerhouse quad processor, in a highly customizable package, the mediaDROID-150 is a breakthrough in compact but impactful Digital Signage. The mediaDROID-150 is the successor of the highly popular mediaDROID V1 and it is loaded with even more features including 8GB of Flash memory thus allowing for plenty of local storage for all your campaign’s content. The mediaDROID-150 is truly a Digital Signage revolution; and it’s here now!


  • Loaded with our special baked Android 4.X OS and a built in Watchdog (i.e.: SignageController)
  • Supports Horizontal screen modes
  • Playback at 720P only
  • Plug & play
  • Connect to any HDMI port, Register the pre loaded SignagePlayer app and begin playback
  • Powered by a 1.7Ghz Quad ARM® Cortex™-A9 / Octa core GPU
  • 8GB Internal Flash to cache the campaign’s content
  • 2GB DDR3 memory non-ecc non-reg
  • External Power supply 120V-240V is included
  • FL/FR*1,HDMI*1,optical*1
  • Presentation will start automatically on Power in 10 seconds or less (Auto turn ON after power loss)
  • Ethernet 10/100MB Port to connect the internet over your LAN
  • Wireless network: with 150M dual antenna NetCard, Compatible 802.11b/g/n
  • Remote Control included
  • Bulk discount available when ordering 10+ units, check with Live chat for more info
  • Enterprise users receive additional discount on this product, check with Live chat for ordering


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