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Starting out with Digital Signage

Want Digital Signage but not sure where to start ?

Although Media Signage makes Digital Signage affordable for everyone, some may still have difficulty mastering the technical know how of how to install, setup and configure the signage solution. Luckily we are here to help. Media Signage provides a list of designers and installers that fully understand our system requirements needed to deliver a successful Digital Signage implementation.

Digital Signage presentation

The presentation is what gets your message across. That’s why it is vital that you use experienced designers to produce your content. A designer should be proficient in web technologies, Flash and graphic design. Our designers and Flash artists can get the job done for you. Let us know your goal and we will custom make the Digital Signage presentation to best fit your business.

Digital Signage Hardware installation

Choosing the right monitor, PC and cabling may be overwhelming for some. And you may not be aware of the many signage components which are available in the market including monitor repeaters, signal splitters, flat panel mounts and more. Let us deal with it and we can deliver a system that will impress your captive audience from the second they step into your business.

Putting it all together

Media Signage provides software as a service solution. We have an affordable, easy to use Web application. But if you feel you need more; we are here to help. Choose us or choose one of our trusted designers and installers (see list below).  Don’t let the technical aspect sway you away from Digital Signage. Digital Signage is a sure way to get a quick, repeat return on investment. And with the Media Signage Digital Signage solution you know you can afford it. So if you need help, get it, but get into Digital Signage, your business deserves it.

Looking for complete Signage presentation & content creation?

Design & installation Pricing

Pricing for a custom Digital Signage presentation is often quoted by the hour. Designers may have different services and prices according to your requirements. Get a  quote so you can evaluate your options.

Physical installation of Digital Signage usually involves the mounting of monitors, PC setup and cabling. Shop around and get a quote that matches your budget.

If you need help with design, installation or equipment, let us know so we can help....

Checkout our list of official Designers (content creators) and integrators (Digital Signage Installers). Contact each partner and shop around. Find the partner that best fits your company’s needs. Shop around for prices and compare work history, quality and reputation.

And best of all, if you are a digital signage designer or integrator yourself, send us your information so we can review your credentials. If you match our requirements we will add you to this list as well.

24x7x365 Support

We are committed to help you out. If you have any question, concerns or need additional information please contact us.
We will answer your Signage question or get someone who can. We are constantly checking our e-mails and support forum. So don’t worry if its day or night, submit a question to us and you will get assistance in not time.
MediaSignage is committed to excellent customer service and we thank you for your interest in our Digital Signage solution.






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