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Looking for complete Digital Signage presentation & content creation?

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Blue Pony

We welcome you to join our partnership with BluePony, a complete Digital Signage content creation and presentation design company.

BluePony professionals are experts in the MediaSignage platform and will make the most out of your ideas, to deliver a captivating message to your audience.

Digital Signage content may be the most important component to any deployment, but it does not need to be difficult, expensive, or time consuming.

At Blue Pony content creation is the thing, and customer service and satisfaction are priority number one. The Goal of this partnership is to help your Digital Signage deployment succeed.

So contact today, and ask them to quote you on content creation & integration using the MediaSignage platform.

Provide details about your content.
What is the objective of the content message? Are you looking to sell a product, promote an event, entertain, or inform?

Content information.
Word for word text, logo files, phone numbers, web addresses, and more!

Technical details.
What resolution do you need? What are the format requirements?

Content delivery deadline.
How soon do you need it? Our standard turn time is 5 business days to first preview. Need it faster? No problem, we have other options.

You’ll have the opportunity to send logos, pictures, videos and other assets via an upload on our site.
It’s easy, and doesn’t hurt a bit!

Let the fun begin.
Your digital signage content request will quickly transform into a project for our design team to begin producing.
We don’t have to be neighbors to be friends
Don’t be surprised if you get a call from one of our talented designers. They like to set off on the creative journey well informed, and begin by talking with you early on to ensure accuracy.

No heavy lifting required, you’re in good hands. Soon you’ll be in the directors chair (cold drink optional), reviewing your new digital signage content.

Project preview page.
We’ll send you an email that includes a unique web address, username and password. You can now access a secure preview page containing a preview of your digital signage content.

Play and share.
The playback interface will enable you to play, pause, rewind, scale, and more. You can request that we create additional login information for your clients and colleagues.

Provide feedback.
We can’t wait to hear what you think of your new digital signage content. But you don’t need to bother sending an email or making a phone call. With our preview interface you can pause the video at a specific point to provide your comments at that place in the timeline. It’s a great way to ensure accuracy.

How many revisions?
2 Minor revisions are included in the price of the ad.

The review stage will include emails from the designer inviting you to approve your content. You can even mark your content, “approved” using the preview page.

Upon approval we will prepare your new digital signage content according to your specifications.

Your finished file will be provided for download through the preview page interface.

We send a secure, electronic request via the web so you can process the invoice by credit card. You can also call in your payment info, oh and we still take a check!

We’re ready when you are!

Custom Content

Custom content enhances any experience by incorporating exciting animation, audio, and voice-over sound beds. Our team designs the exclusive material for your specific needs. We can build a completely new concept or work with your existing strategy. Your objectives will be brought to life through innovative, engaging content.

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