What is Digital Signage ?

Digital signage are electronic monitors that are installed in public spaces such as stores, restaurants and museums. Digital signs are typically used to entertain, inform or advertise. Major benefits of digital signs over traditional static signs are that the content can be exchanged without effort, videos can be shown, the signs can adapt to the context and audience, and even be interactive. Digital Signage is a proven way that you can increase sales.


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Our complete web solution enables our clients to create sophisticated Digital Signage and powerful Dynamic Web Ads using our advance web software.

Powered by Adobe Flex and Apollo AIR our solutions enables you to deliver entertaining content to your web site and business seamlessly.

In other words, imagine creating an elaborate


advertising campaign with video, animation and images to play at all your retail stores; now with a click of a button you can make the same exact content be delivered directly to your web visitors as well. Make changes once and the new content will propagate down to all your store players and web visitors.

There is practically no special software or hardware to install, it is very affordable and you can start using the complete Signage system now. So go ahead and give it a shot and be sure to watch our online video tutorials.

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Why Media Signage ?

Media Signage is the first company to offer a complete web solution Digital Signage and Narrowcasting that is powered by Flash 9 for both the web administration and digital signage player.

Our software gives our customers the option to choose between a standard Web Digital Signage player or to install Adobe’s integrated runtime player. The AIR player allows for additional features such as our cashing engine, TV tuner display, Watch dog services and more.

Media Signage is also powered by Amazon’s Web services so you can rest assure your Digital Signage solution will always have the capacity to accommodate your growth regardless of how diverse or complex your signage requirements may be.


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