Digital Signage Features

featuresThe web-based signageStudio software is the "command central" for your Digital Signage network. We build the instruments, teach you how to use them--then you get to sit in the command seat. From this program, installed on your desktop, you communicate electronically with all of your remote digital signage players. In signageStudio, you will spend your time building, previewing, uploading, and maintaining your complete Digital Signage presentation. Because signageStudio is such a vital part of the foundation for your signage presentation, we designed an easy-to-use interface that utilizes the best digital signage software tools in the industry. Some key features of the software include:
  • Reliable and continuous content operation through integrated all-in-one hardware/software combination.
  • Content distribution with centralized server control tools.
  • Easy-to-use cloud-based interface.
  • Modular infrastructure allows addition of as many displays as needed without complicated set ups.
  • Straightforward installation without the need for extra IT, firewall or security configurations.
  • Simple content scheduling and updating for each display.
  • Update digital signage players remotely.signage resources
  • Advertisers can be given separate role-based access to manage their own campaigns.
  • Maintain control of advertiser content through block/permission capabilities.
  • Target ads and content for individual or multiple terminals by creating separate schedules for each display.
  • Deliver Flash, Power Point presentations, RSS feeds, image slide shows and other forms of rich media.
  • Small form-factor media player attaches to rear of display to ensure it remains out of view.
  • WiFi equipped media players ensures LAN is not necessary required at each locale.
  • Transfer content and/or schedules between one or more display screens.
  • Individual or multiple monitor and design screen layouts can be controlled remotely.
  • The software supports full HD.
  • Content playback can be set to automatically play on a predetermined schedule.
  • Constant and reliable operation ensured through redundant and self diagnostic maintenance.
  • Emergency notifications, live news, and traffic reports through media RSS are all supported.
  • Remote access to system and memory usage for each sign player.
  • Sign monitor notifications in the event of system malfunction.
  • Video RSS, live television and other custom content on mulit-zones is all supported for one screen.
  • Digital signage content development service available from our professional design team.
  With these tools at your command, you can learn for yourself how to make a powerful and attractive Digital Signage presentation. Whether you are a small-business owner, retail store manager, advertising director, or graphic designer,'s SignageStudio application gives you complete control over the content and configuration of your network. The elements of SignageStudio are listed below, along with a summary of features.


Do you want to play the same presentation over a network of 100+ screens? Or are you planning to display several different presentations over multiple screens? With the Campaign tool, the possibilities are endless. The Campaign tool is basically an electronic bookshelf, holding all versions of your complete digital signage presentations. In addition, with an electronic network managed by through Campaign, you can choose which presentation what you want to play on each screen. scheduling


As you assemble your signage presentation, you will use the Timeline tool to see a sequential playlist of your content and resources you have chosen. The final product of your signage presentation will be represented by these sequential timelines.


The Resources tool enables you to insert a variety of multimedia files into your presentation. These files, which are then uploaded to your SignagePlayer, include pictures, videos, sounds, and other components and scenes. We have also provided you with a shared network portal that provides you with hundreds of complete graphics and templates that you are free to use.


The Stations is the tool that you use to remotely control all of the Signage Players. Through Stations, you can play, pause, stop, reboot your system, update the software, retrieve data and statistics, and much more. And the best part is that you don't even have to move from your desktop. You can even install SignagePlayers halfway across the world, then use Stations in SignageStudio to control all of your SignagePlayers from your desktop.


Do you want to include a rolling news feed at the bottom of your screen? Or play ads about specials in your restaurant, while simultaneously playing live TV on the other half of the screen? The Components tool can help you put these presentations together. We have programmed several valuable tools, including: RSS feeds (news, weather, video podcasts, and more); live TV; clocks; stock tickers; and more.

Screen Divisions (zones)

Through the Screen Divisions tool, you can separate your screen into several distinct areas, referred to as zones. These areas, or zones, are assigned a unique channel number with a corresponding color for quick and easy visual identification.


If you want to design a simple custom object for use in your presentation, you can use the Designer tool. This application is a Lite Flash-like editor which enables you to create animations and position them in your screen according to your needs. Including over 120 features, this Designer tool presents a complete scene, which is placed on the timeline when finished.


With the Sequencer tool, you can manually set the order of the playlist within your timelines by a simple drag-and-drop method.


We weren't lying when we said the possibilities were endless. Using CSS tool, you can choose a custom color and font scheme. This CSS tool was designed to be flexible to match your styling preferences without sacrificing simplicity of use.


Do you need to display only the breakfast menu in the morning? The lunch orders in the middle of the day, and dinner choices throughout the evening? No problem. With the Scheduler, you can set your timelines to play at any time of the day or night. You can even choose to play some presentations on weekdays, and others on weekends. Your Digital Signage presentations will play only between the chosen start and stop times.


Viewing your files in an organized fashion is made easy by the Catalog tool. Within the Catalog, your screen can display an unlimited number of files within a common format. You can view your files using sub-players such as carousels, book flipping, 3D floaters and more.

Pre-Crafted Templates

Develop content quickly with the aid of pre-made digital signage content templates. Choose a template that relates to your specific industry and have relevant and unique content created within minutes. View crafted content thumbnails for easy channel preview.

Flash Powered

The software supports all flash formats, including: SWF, FLV, MPEG4, MP3, AAC, JPG, GIF, and PNG. Use Adobe's Creative Suite to enhance the impact of your signage content (e.g. Flash, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, and Photoshop).

Content Scheduling

Drag and drop your content assets directly into the playlist in the order you desire. Schedule or loop your content by inputting the files of your choice into the content schedule. Run content schedule in screen zones independently.

Dynamic Media Feeds

Input news, stocks, video podcasts, and weather via RSS and our existing Flash templates. Bevel, emboss, fade, and drop shadow your content. Add graphs, charts, and data. Use your own .swf to pull from live external sources. Integrate screen zones with Yahoo maps, Flickr, and date/time widgets for relevant content display.

Local Playback

Since content is stored locally on the signage player, your desired assets are played without a continuous connection to the network. The digital signage ervers are co-located in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. Your content is uploaded to the server in closest geographic proximity to the player you are deploying content to. Signage players are set to regularly sync with the nearest co-located server.

Role Based Administration

Give your users various levels of remote access to the server's content management system. The software allows you to control not only which screens administrators can access for content upload and scheduling but also allows you to limit which screen zones they can access as well. Our role-based administration technology is an undisputed leader in digital sign content management.


We use an industry standard 128 bit signed and approved SSL certificate for your player application. Players authenticate with server for validation and approval. Simply put, you are purchasing a secure digital sign solution.

TV Tuner Card Support

Input live television, cable, satellite, and auxiliary channels as a zone on your digital signage display. Simply install our signage software onto a media player that has a TV tuner card and you're off and running.